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List of Live Bands

Band Genre Bio Website
OVERKILT Rock, Pop, Country, Dance The Overkilt Band members bring the party to the show. Playing a compelling combination of current and classic rock, pop, country and dance. With decades of combined performance and professionalism the band brings home what it means to have a good time. Each member shares a wealth of talent to get the crowd moving and a rock solid history that put them here today. On lead vocals is JC Kirkland, on bass is Michael Delcampo, on guitar is Bryan Clark and on drums is Joe Hilerio. With hook-filled melody within hard and heavy beats, they are sure to keep the dance floor moving and the drinks flowing. web link
(N)ception Groove Metal "Every end has a beginning and every beginning is a journey. (N)ception was a concept created in the late winter of 2010 with Alexander "Snowflake" Sipp taking on the role of lead vocalist, Arcadio "Chamo" Boratzuk taking on the guitars and backing vocals, Jonathan "Fish" Hammond rocking the rhythm on the drums and Nicholas "Nikk-uh" Brown playing the low end as well as contributing backing vocals. (N)ception embarked on their first show in March of 2012 and quickly began moving all around the state of Florida. Opening for national acts including Sevendust, Nonpoint, Spineshank, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, 12 Stones, Eye Empire and many more. web link
13th Hour Rock Rock Trio that performs music from 60's through today! web link
3 Bucksworth Rock / Adult Alternative / Alt.Country That 3 Bucksworth hails from Central Florida should come as a surprise to no one. Theyre following in a great tradition of legendary musicians and songwriters; Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers, Gram Parsons, Stephen Stills, Don Felder, Jim Morrison and Rob Thomas all called Central Florida home at one time. 3 Bucksworth simply calls their style Music for Everyone. Certainly 3BW is a rock band at heart, but you can hear bluegrass, blues, folk, rockabilly, old time country, reggae and R&B in their music as well. web link
3 Ring Circus Rock / Alternative / Modern Country Three Ring Circus is a popular rock music cover band. web link
Aasen Bloe Hip-Hop web link
Adam Martin Americana, Country, Rock, Folk Adam is a self-taught singer songwriter from the heartland of Florida. With a mix of rock, folk, and country that blends into Americana, Adam plays music that you can feel. His original songs tell stories about love, loss, laughter, and of course, a little alcohol! He is currently working on his first full length album. Earlier this Summer, Adam played at Tootsie's in Nashville, TN and recently opened for Daniel and the Lion. web link
All Gone Grey Post-Hardcore , Emo ,Pop Punk Post-Hardcore / Pop Punk band from Daytona Beach. Artists We Also Like Odessos, Evening's Fable , Bad Luck, Another Close Call, Kids Without Heroes, Secret Keeper, Sea of Surrender, Fero Lux, The Calm, Me and the Trinity web link
Almost Unknown Rock Almost Unknown is a high energy, up beat heavy rock band, performing hits from the 80's to today, putting a unique twist on the coolest jams. web link
Apollo Electric Pop Rock, Hip Hop, Rap Apollo Electric, formerly known as Dedbolt and Deadbolt Revival, is a rock/rap band that gradually formed over the year 2010 when Ed (the lead vocalist) and Ryan (Guitar/backup vocalist) were introduced through a mutual friend. They added, removed, and replaced a multitude of musicians until landing on Ryan's brother Greg (drums), and Paul (Bass guitar) Ryan's roommate at the time. web link
Artifex Pereo Experimental Rock We are a secular rock band from Louisville, KY web link
Ashes to Eden Rock "Ashes To Eden" is a Central Florida rock band formed in late 2013. The band is composed of lead vocalist John (JC) Kirkland, guitarist Billy Neidert, bassist and backing vocalist Lee Altieri and drummer, percussionist, and backing vocalist Paul Greening. The band and its membership went through several re-configurations between 2009 and 2013, achieving their current form when Kirkland replaced original vocalist Vini Derosa in May of 2013, followed by Greening replacing Swamp Juice drummer Aldo Copolla. Since then, Ashes To Eden has become known for its musicianship, complex compositions, and eclectic lyrical motifs drawing heavily from nationally-known classic rock compositions. Over their careers, the members of Ashes To Eden have been acknowledged as some of the most proficient players on the Central Florida music scene. web link
Assassins Metalcore Assassins is a Metal Core/Post Hard Core band hailing from Detroit Michigan. Formed in 2010, Assassins uses their music to wake their audience up to the world they live in, and find the balance between questioning authority and establishing self identity by any means necessary. Their heavy sound and relentless vocals reflect their perception of the complacency and lack of integrity that plagues the world in a time that requires change and fortitude. Assassins harnesses this message to convince whoever is listening of their worth and potential, urging their audience to question the ties that bind us, but constantly keep moving forward. To try and do right, but understand that there is wrong in the world, and to make the reality you wish to see in the world come to life, no matter what the cost is. web link
Aunt Stella's Ashes Rock, Metal Aunt Stella's Ashes is a Hard-Rock/Metal Band from Central Florida. ASA has shared the stage with such bands as Jackyl, Adler's Appetite,Quiet Riot, and Blue Oyster Cult.Aunt Stellas Ashes is raising some local eyebrows and quickly becoming a staple in the local music scene. Collectively drawing from numerous styles of music and twisting them into the band's own style, this is a band that you won't want to overlook. web link
Baby Punch Face Rock Playing a wide variety of music, while infusing humor and audience participation into a fun filled show for everyone to enjoy! We are the band you wanted to see! web link
BENT Rock Daytona Beaches premier party rock band!! All the best of today's rock..MATCHBOX 20, 311, BLINK 182, GREEN DAY, DISHWALLA, EVERCLEAR, RADIOHEAD, SEVEN MARY 3, COLLECTIVE SOUL, TONIC, EVE 6, BUSH, LIT, CREED, SUBLIME, FUEL, RHCP, CHEVELLE….MANY MORE! web link
Beth Vandal Acoustic punk rock, soul Beth Vandal is breaking all the rules....and her fans are loving every minute. Not to be held to one genre of music, her originals are ballads for broken hearts and rock with a flavor of punk. Beth began her career as a talented teen, working with punk bands where she was inevitably the sole female. She fronted a band in her early teens that played to community fairs, then moved on to develop a group called Outnumbered, named for the ratio of 3 males to 1 female. web link
Betty Fox Band BLUES . FUNK . SOUL With an extensive background in gospel and a lifelong passion for soul music, Betty Fox has burst onto the Florida music scene in a whirlwind of controlled yet unabashed passion and has taken the hearts of anyone wise enough to lend her their ear. Betty Fox appreciated singing early in life and performed for the first time at a church play at the age of 4. Now, at age 27, this fiery songstress has her own musical project with quite a few heart wrenching, lyrically driven and musically sound original tracks that beg the question "What kind of life must this old soul have lived?" web link
Beyond Echoes Classic Rock A tribute to the legendary sounds of three of the greatest bands in rock and roll history; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and RUSH. The band puts on three one hour tribute shows playing the best music of each band in their own set. All of the best music throughout the years. If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, RUSH or all three, you don't want to miss this show! web link
BIG CITY NIGHTS Rock Scorpion Tribute Band -Central Florida - Get ready all of you Scorpions fans for the ultimate rock and roll experience. Big City Nights brings you all of the Scorpion's hits that you know and love. This tribute act consists of seasoned professional musicians with a passion for the iconic band and the talent to get the music right! Keep up with us here on our Facebook page for details on upcoming Big City Nights concerts! web link
Big Engine Rock Even after playing over 200 shows a year, people just can't get enough of Big Engine's nitrous fueled shows and the high energy music that brings down the house night after night. Along with the die-hard fans that follow the boys from town to town, uninitiated newcomers seldom last the entirety of the show without raising their fists in the air and singing along to the band's catchy choruses and instantly memorable lyrics. These road warriors travel the country, bringing the party with crowd favorites: "Shake That Thing", "That Girl's a Freak", "Turn It On," "Party Like A Rockstar" and "Sister Mary." web link
Big Rick Blues , Jump Blue , West Coast Blues Described as a mix of Le Tigre and Family Force 5, self identify as abrasive funk. "Big Rick, they're like B-52's, Talking Heads and the Wiggles (cause they're educational)" Liam from Chronophomium web link
Black Canvas Rock Forged from some of the best musicians in Central Florida. Black Canvas brings High Energy Rock, Pop and Funk entertainment like no other. Members include Steve Tedesco, Tony Visconti, Rene Otero and Shawn Warley. web link
Black Dust Revival Soul-powered funky juju. Members VATO bass/guitar/vocals, Shugatang Bairley guitar/keys/vocals Screamin' Bill Carmichael trumpet ???????drums web link
Blame the Tyrant Metal , Hard Rock Blame The Tyrant is a Metal band hailing from an area known to most as the Space Coast, one of the launching points for the human endeavor into the final frontier. While many people have their eyes toward the sky, Blame The Tyrant has their eyes back on Earth. With music ranging from the melodic to the discordant, they will bring your eyes and ears front and center whenever they perform, bringing the human story front and center. Founded in 2011, the band was fully born in Cape Canaveral. Within the first year, they had successfully played venues around the Brevard County area and recorded a full length album from the comfort of their own brick dungeon. Blame The Tyrant is now looking toward the border, looking for the next step in the musical journey. Currently working on their second full-length album, they look to surprise their listeners with even more metal that takes the listener on the journey of the human race. web link
Blood Of The Martyrs Heavy Metal web link
Bobby Friss Rock Although his career began in central Michigan in 1975 with a band called Force, most of Friss’ achievements have come since returning to his native Florida in 1985 to form his own band. Since that time, Friss has steadily risen to the top of the Southeast’s active rock club scene, enlisting legions of fans at colleges,beach clubs and big city bars throughout Florida and the Southeast. web link
Bubba Sparxxx Southern Rap It seems like Country Rap is starting to take over mainstream. With the recent success of Colt Ford and The Lacs along with current “rap style” hits by country mega stars Jason Aldean (Dirt Road Anthem), Toby Keith (Red Solo Cup) and Tim McGraw (Truck Yeah), one would think that this is a new concept. But if you are a true hip-hop historian you would recall that this movement actual began in 2001 with the release of Bubba Sparxxx’s debut album “Dark Days, Bright Nights”. The video for the first single “Ugly” featured Bubba and pals in the mud with pigs, on tractors and performing in front of a house covered with bug lights. If that’s not the epitome of Country, then nothing is. web link
Buttons Acoustic Pop Buttons started out as a musical outlet for myself while I was struggling with addiction. I found turning my thoughts and feelings into music helped me get through some of my tougher times. It was when others took notice of my music and told me it helped them as well that I decided I wanted to do more. After spending all summer on the Vans Warped Tour, performing for and meeting so many new people who shared a connection with my music, I feel its time to record and release something bigger then the EPs I've released thus far. web link
CaerBannog Rock CaerBannog is a band from Orlando, Florida that plays a mixture of rock, alternative, and radio hits. web link
Carly Jo Jackson Acoustic , Pop ,Rock ,Indie “Florida is home to many superstars, but one that shines the brightest is Orlando native (and Florida Atlantic University student) Carly Jo Jackson. Jackson’s passion for music and enthusiasm for life really shows through as she creates musical brilliancy with her acoustic guitar — which will win your heart in a second.” Scott Bryant, WordPress in “8 Women Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of…But Should!” web link
CHALLENGER Electronic , Dance CHALLENGER! was formed by Chris Burton in mid 2010. Taking current electronica to the next level, he created dance-core music that forced listeners to sing along while delivering hard-hitting club beats web link
Chasing Safety Hardcore , Rock We are CHASING SAFETY from Cherry Hill, NJ! web link
Chess Kings Blues Chess Kings: 50's & 60's Blues Band The Soul of Chess Records with: Mike Quick - guitar/vocal Jeff Willey - harmonica/vocal Bill Bairley - piano/vocal KC Kelley - bass/vocal Juliano Rosa - drums web link
Chris Duarte Group Blues An artist’s lifetime is sometimes dictated by the heights they reach, the reaction they register or the body of work compiled during their working years. Chris Duarte is certainly making a case for his body of work he’s producing, this being number eleven of releases, but is he achieving the right reaction for his efforts? With the release of Chris Duarte’s latest opus, ‘My Soul Alone’, Chris Duarte is still reaching for new ground while also throwing out some of his best blues work to date. web link
Chris Hiatt Blues, Rock "Chris Hiatt doesn't just play the guitar...he BECOMES one ! " That was the review of Portland, Oregon music critic S.P. Clarke upon experiencing the sound of CHRIS HIATT. Many guitarist find their own way to progress at their craft. For CHRIS HIATT, that way is also his passion, playing live on stage up to 300 dates per year. Night after night, in front of a crowd, is where Hiatt draws inspiration, learns a new riff or maybe finds a better way to phrase. web link
Chris Hiatt Solo Rock "Chris Hiatt doesn't just play the guitar...he BECOMES one ! " That was the review of Portland, Oregon music critic S.P. Clarke upon experiencing the sound of CHRIS HIATT. Many guitarist find their own way to progress at their craft. For CHRIS HIATT, that way is also his passion, playing live on stage some 300 dates per year. Night after night, in front of a crowd, is where Hiatt draws inspiration as well as a feeling of well-being. The years have paid off for CHRIS HIATT. web link
City Of Ifa Progressive/Experimental Biography We're City Of Ifa. "You guys are fucking awesome" Johnny Whitney - Jaguar Love/Ex Blood Brothers Band Interests Friends not fans. web link
City of Stages Metalcore City Of Stages is a 5-piece metal band formed in 2011 out of Orlando, FL. web link
CLICKER Rock CLICKER is one of the most exciting rock bands on the scene today! We love to play great music for you - and our enthusiastic performance brings the show to life! From dance to concert - Beatles to Bruno Mars - swing to killer funk - we've got great tunes! web link
Control This Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Roots, Soul, Jazz In early 2012 guitarist Max Schwartz responded to a craigslist ad posted by former Toasters sax player, Jeff Richey, who was looking to start anew after a 4 year hiatus from touring and performing professionally. After being contacted by long time Cure for Caska bass player, Justin Franco about forming a group Justin and Jeff commissioned former 69 Fingers drummer Lucas Scarpelli and the rest was history. web link
Courage My Love pop-punk, alternative metal. What is courage? When you’re a young rock ‘n’ roll band—courage is throwing yourself into your music fully and completely. It’s stepping onto a stage and just given’r. It’s touring new places far from home, and opening up, scars and all, to your fans. Courage is saying what you really think. It’s being unafraid of change, of becoming who you really are. Courage My Love is all of these things. web link
CRASHROCKET Rock Crashrocket is one of Central Florida's premier rock bands playing a wide variety of cover songs ranging from 70's, 80's, 90's and current rock. They also play original music. web link
Crush Rock Female fronted Hard Rock Band from Daytona Beach Florida web link
Cult Revolution Rock A Cult Tribute band! web link
D II Hip-Hop D II is an eclectic Hip Hop artist from Fredericksburg Virginia. Recording for the last 5 years, he is finally coming into his own and making a name for himself on the local music scene. D II has been labeled an underground/indie rapper that seeks to capture audiences of different backgrounds and different social standings in a way to unify people through music. Now residing in Orlando Florida he has opened up for National acts, such as the Roots & Kid Cudi, in addition to: Planet Asia, Whole Wheat Bread The Supervillians, Astronautlis, and plenty others. He recently finished his First E.P “Evolution of a Man”, the host of his own monthly hip hop night, and is the newest artist to Second Subject Recordings. With songs like “On a Mission” and “Time” you can hear the hard work and passion that he has for music and his energy performing live is unmatched web link
Dakota Black Southern Metal Dakota Black is Southern Metal Band from New Smyrna Beach Fl, which consists of Neil Keeran, Steve Mannocchi, Paul Baker, Sean Harris, and Mike Pope. All veterans of the Central Florida music scene, and have played in area favorites such as Lypswitch, Tranquilizer, Second Sight and Grumpy*. Each member has years of touring/ studio experience, and has shared the stage with many national acts. Dakota Black is their new project which blends metal and southern rock, to bring forth the true Florida sound. A band that is built on the values of hard work and dedication that are the true roots of America. With this outlook, along with the creativity and experience of it’s members, the result created something that has been lost in music. A true American band with an American sound. web link
Damon Fowler Blues After spending much of the past year touring with the band Southern Hospitality, Damon Fowler is back with his third solo project for Blind Pig Records, Sounds of Home. Damon chose swamp blues master Tab Benoit to produce and record him at Tab’s rural Louisiana home studio, and their collaboration has resulted in Damon’s strongest effort to date. The tension between his measured, laid-back vocal delivery and the hallmark intensity of his guitar virtuosity has never been keener, and the stories told in his songwriting here – sometimes in collaboration with long-time writing partner Ed Wright and Benoit – exhibit a combination of depth, grace and humor very few of his contemporaries can match. web link
daniel heitz band Blues, Soul , Blues Rock , Funk Daniel Heitz, a 17 year old guitarist started playing the guitar at the age of 9 years old. Born in Orlando Florida into a musical family, Daniel always had musical instruments around, and his home was always filled with music. He took to playing the blues, and quickly started studying the 3 kings, BB, Albert and Freddie. He has opened up and played with the likes of International Blues Challenge Winners Debbie Davies, JP Soars and the Red Hot’s, Mike Dugan, Damon Fowler, Selwyn Birchwood, Shaun Rounds, Ernie Lancaster, Gary Moffat with 38 Special, International Blues Challenge Winner Marc Breitfelder and Georg Schroeter and other National and local Blues acts. This kid has the chops, stage presence and talent that will undoubtedly make way for a music career guys his age dream of!! Come out and hear this young man.. You'll be able to say.... "I saw him way back when. web link
Dark Sermon Metal web link
Darkness By Design Metal DARKNESS BY DESIGN is a Metal band from Orlando, FL. This 5 - piece group want nothing more than to create a sound which can move fans from the very first riff to the last, also brings a high intensity show with lots of energy. web link
Darkness Rising Metal ,Hard Rock Darkness Rising is a Metal/Hard Rock band. Guys who have a passion for playing music web link
Delusional Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternative Delusional is considered by many of his generation to be one of the pioneers of the Punk/Rap genre. From his first releases with punk rap group The Jokers in 2000, to 2002 where he contributed bass guitar and back-up vocals on the punk rock band Liberty!'s album "Disorderly Conduct", Delusional quickly got his musical combat boots wet on the front lines of punk. web link
Dewey Rose Band Country, Pop, Funk, Disco, Rock, & blues “Dewey Rose” is comprised of a group of professional seasoned musicians who believe their mission is to provide you with the ultimate musical group for your venue or special event. Dewey Rose brings a cultivation of professional talents, mix of music genres, and a power house singer, combined with the knowledge and wisdom of performance to provide you with the music to please everyone young and old. web link
Didges Christ SuperDrum Tribal,electronic,industrial,experimental,rock Live shows also feature interpretive dance by Skyedancer. Upon arriving in this dimension and space in time in the year 2010 we recorded our self-titled debut album using terrestrial instruments and percussion, and gradually have been adding our alien technology to the sound. web link
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.) Hardcore punk, crossover thrash, thrashcore, thrash metal Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (also known as D.R.I.) are a United States hardcore punk/thrashcore/crossover thrash band that formed in Houston, Texas, in 1982. The band currently comprises founding members, vocalist Kurt Brecht and guitarist Spike Cassidy, as well as drummer Rob Rampy and bassist Harald Oimoen. web link
Dirty Shannon Southern Rock, Country Take a quick listen and you can’t get the song out of your head. This is truly the universal problem of all the Dirty Shannon fans in the world. With rhythmic guitar hooks, passionate vocals, blistering bass lines, and explosive percussion, Dirty Shannon is making an impressive mark on the music industry with a new level of sonic quality that is evident from the first lick web link
Don't Cry its Friday Pop Rock , Pop Punk Dont Cry its Friday started in the Summer 2009 with Brandi Parigian (Vocals) and Travis Fritch (Guitar). They started out playing acousitc shows at several Hot Topic locations for awhile. Then decided to put together a full electric band. Adding Taylor Brandhuber (Bass) to their lineup along with Ashton Gillette (Drums) several months later. Since then Dont Cry its Friday has been apart of major local music festivals, showcases and bigger shows. They released their first 5 song EP called "Out Of This World" in January 2011, been exposed in The LIST Magazine out of Californa and played with local and national touring bands. Dont Cry its Friday released their 2nd EP "Keys" in March 2012 adding Jamie Brandhuber (Guitar) to the band as well. Since then we have been playing a handful of shows, writing music and line up changes. web link
Donkey Punch Rock A band that is loud and fun and everything your mother warned you about. That pretty much sums up Donkey Punch, the take no prisoners party band, bringing entertainment back to the bar scene. web link
Double Or Nothing Rock Double Or Nothing is a DJ/drummer duo consisting of DJ Chris Commons and drummer Andrew Maff. The two worked together for years on different musical endeavors until they decided to join forces. Double Or Nothing takes the fun of a great party and the entertainment of live music and combines them web link
Down Shift Band Rock Down Shift is a high energy Central Florida cover band that plays all the greatest music from the 80's to Now. web link
Dylan Mathews & The Flips Blues , Rock Dylan Mathews & The Flips is a Original Hard Hitting Blues/Rock Band. web link
Dylan Mathews & The Flips Soul-Driven Roots Rock! ““Hard hitting blues rock, old school guitar” Dylan Mathews Strange Weather: The new album from veteran rockers; Dylan Mathews, Brian Kinsey, Gary Bulldawg, Wink Pelkey, Jim Allen, Bernie Lindsey. Although the band itself is still in the fresh stages of its musical life the members have years of combined experience clearly presented in Strange Weather. When speaking to the band they told us their major musical influences were Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Doors and Pink Floyd which are not hidden in this CD. With the help of MixMonsterz they created 15 track’s covering their wide range of skills, just an overall good album but already has a ‘classic’ aspect to it, you have that feeling when an old song comes on the rock station when you’re listening to their CD. web link
East Side Rock Classic Rock, Hard Rock, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & Today, Blues East Side Rock is a hard groove driving rock and blues 5 man cover band out of East Orlando, Fl. This band has been actively playing private parties and bars around Central FL and beyond since 2008. We play all your favorite classic, southern, pop and blues hits spanning 40 years of lengendary rock.Our 3 part vocals and keys differentiates us from the average bar band. ESR has a active club roster - We invite you to catch us live at a pub or bar in central FL soon!See Us ON Facebook! Inquire about corporate and private event entertainment we bring all stage lighting,sound equipment and have a clean stage presence! web link
Emery Alternative First appearances can be quite deceiving, like the ethereal synths that introduce “The Cheval Glass”—opening track on Emery’s We Do What Want. After these initial few moments of calming serenity, listeners are rocketed onto a jarring collision course with some of the most pummeling music the band has ever recorded, quickly turning into a white-knuckle thrill ride destined to have fans holding on tight. It doesn’t let up much from there web link
Eric Culberson Blues , Southern Rock Every once in a while a blues artist emerges from the deep south and bursts fully mature upon the national scene. Eric Culberson is one of those bluesmen. His style is unmistakably authentic, energetic, and blessed with sex appeal and charisma. He will be a breath of fresh air for the blues. web link
Eryn Woods Pop , Punk With her unique style and youthful voice, singer Eryn Woods is ready to dominate the world with her eclectic brand of pop punk. Her music has already been featured on Vh1 and MTV, she has worked closely with designers JOYRICH, Betsey Johnson, Iron Fist Clothing, and Married to the Mob, amongst others and is sponsored by Monster Products, Manic Panic, and 5Gum. As the queen of the “Kupcake” brigade—a term she coined to define her “sweet, fun and diverse” fan base—Woods’ musical and fashion influence on young Kupcakes is spreading around the globe. web link
Evan Taylor Jones Soul , Blues Evan Taylor Jones is a singer, songwriter, and performer from the city of Orlando, FL. In just three short years, Evan has made a name for himself around Florida as one of the top soul performers. In 2013, Evan made the transition to full-time performer, playing over 100 shows around the state of Florida. web link
Evening's Fable Art Rock , Prog Pop Artists We Also Like Stolas, HRVRD, Panic at the Disco, ORBS, Hail the Sun, Icarus the Owl, Tides of Man Check out our new music! https://soundcloud.com/edith-dreams-ida/evenings-fable-oration web link
Fatty Waters Blues , Delta Fatty Waters focuses on live performance, mixing trance blues elements from Anders Osborne influences with the grease of an old James Brown record web link
Fiery Sushi Alternative ,Pop , Rock They've been asked numerous times to describe their sound. How can you put a one word label on Carlos' (tastefully done) double kick/alternative/metal drum patterns layered with Finess' melodic inspired guitar riffs, Zach's huge... sounding bass, Mandy's flawless harmonies and Maria's lead vocals that go from sweet and innocent to hard and aggressive? There isn't a word, it's just Fiery Sushi. We have a great time making music and sharing it with the world! web link
Fight Fall Hardcore, Metalcore We are a band from Central Florida and we just want to play shows and entertain everyone. Music is our passion from the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep, it is always on our mind. We want to make our own unique take on metalcore and hardcore with influences from both of them. Also some influence on pop punk, deathcore, some regular old metal and rock, and many more genres. Keeping an open mind to ideas and just life as we know it. Hoping to touch the lives of others as we pour our hearts out into the songs we painstakingly create so that they can enjoy and appreciate our music for how it sounds and the meaning behind every song. We are currently playing shows, continuing to write, and working on putting out recordings ASAP. web link
For All I Am Metalcore, Hardcore web link
Forever Taken Metalcore Forever Taken is a metalcore band from Vero Beach, Florida. We bring a unique sound to the table that is heavy but also melodic. web link
Full Circle Rock A Quote from one of our fans; “The energy this band gives off is amazing and the technical ability these guys have is unreal. web link
Galactibalism Rock , Hip-Hop web link
GIN MILL ROMEO Rock , Pop GIN MILL ROMEO bringing their brand of original Rock and Roll to the musical masses. Glenn Bailey, lead vocalist of local favorites Crashrocket decides to start a side project to showcase his originals and his prowess on guitar. He enlists Scott Seaton to fill the percussion chair & backing vocals. Michael Jones comes in on Bass and backing vocals. Together they grind out strong rocking songs with great lyrics and strong melodies. Strong 3 part harmonies are a major part of their song craft and live show. Their cover songs range from Gin Blossoms, The Fixx, U2, Counting Crows,Tom Petty, Robert Palmer,Bob Seger,Train,Kid Rock and more!! web link
HeavyGrinder Electro, Metal+Electro, Rock+Electro, Alternative+Electro, Dubstep, Bass, etc... ( Electronica ) A pioneering female DJ and a native of Seattle, HeavyGrinder currently resides in Los Angeles where she is a full time DJ. At age thirteen, she began to actively pursue her love of music and being on center stage. After years of traveling, she made her way to LA in 1998. It was in the City of Angels that she realized her new love, cozying up to the sounds of underground dance music, captivated by the power of the DJ and the reaction of the crowd. web link
Hotel Books Spoken Word , Emotive , Ambient It's not about sharing finances, or even art, it's about sharing Love. This all started because we believe Love exists, and you deserve to experience it. We believe in God, and we believe in Love. But also, we believe that if you don't believe in God, you still deserve to be Loved. Love is not exclusive. web link
Hour of Peril Metal Hour of Peril is an American Metal band based out of Orlando, FL. This 5-piece group consist of vocalist Emrys, guitarist Colby Berger, guitarist Josh Demmer, bassist Jonathan Davis and drummer Alex Berger. Bringing to the listener a fresh sound, Hour of Peril also brings a high intensity show with lots of energy. Hour of Peril's debut EP "Ascension", Produced by Phil Pluskota, will be released Fall 2014 web link
IMPULSE World Beat Impulse coverband is a 5 peice energetic Top 40 Coverband from Central Florida that knows how to rock the party and pump the dance floor. web link
InDirections Post Hardcore Let's redefine our lives web link
Jamie Eubanks Band Blues The Jamie Eubanks Band is a hard-charging blues band based from Tallahassee, FL. Comprised of three experienced and passionate musicians, they deliver a high-energy show like no other. The band’s main focus is on original material that’s sure to appeal to music lovers everywhere. web link
Jason Lanaster Rock , Alternative I spend my time touring the world, and appreciating the scenery of life's little secrets. I'm making a solo record! Help support at http://bit.ly/JIxSNQ! web link
Joel Faviere Alternative, pop , experimental Music saves lives. Florida musician.Singer/song writer, I make music you can relate to. Nothing is stronger than you. GET YOUR COPY OF DARK DAYS NOW! http://joelfaviere.bigcartel.com/products web link
John Nemeth Blues web link
Josh Miller Blues Blues Anyone who’s spent even the briefest evening in Cocoa Beach is familiar with local Bluesman Josh Miller. They’ve been drawn into local venues by his inimitable sound and dynamic energy, and regardless of previous and conveniently forgotten plans, they manage to close out the night backed by the incredible soundtrack he and his band churn out. There’s just no escaping it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again : Miller plays bonafide Blues. The beach scene can be pretty notorious for playing host to under-par “Blues” musicians more inent on channeling a laid-back, cobbled-together sound informed by Buffet and CCR than that of the true, rootbound practioners. The thing that sets Miller apart is his devotion to the long lineage of Blues musicians who smoothed out the gravelly path he trods, and an evening’s performance can play out like an aural history of the Blues’ past, while offering a telescopic view into the genre’s far-off future. web link
Jupiter Groove "Improgroovinstrumetal" Jupiter Groove is a collective mind of musicians flirting with sonic explorations of prog, fusion, world, jazz, jam, and blues. web link
KGB Rock KGB has been an institution in Florida for over 14 years. While others have come and gone, years of consistent Rock and Roll performances have made KGB Central Florida's most in demand and stable classic rock cover band. Covering 70's, 80's Hair Metal, 90's to current modern rock, KGB is armed to deliver a great Rock and Roll performance. Daytona Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Leesburg Bikefest, and all the top clubs in Florida use KGB because they know what they will get....KICK ASS ROCK AND ROLL!!!! web link
Kingdom of Giants Metalcore Kingdom Of Giants consists of 6 members from all different backgrounds with 1 thing in common, we all love making music together. We keep it heavy, we keep it clean, we keep it dirty. KOG status. web link
Knucklehead Rock web link
Kurt Travis Rock Kurt Thomas Travis is an American singer, musician, and songwriter best known as the former vocalist of the band Dance Gavin Dance and current vocalist for the band A Lot Like Birds. Shortly following A Lot Like Birds's release, Conversation Piece in October 2011, Travis also released a solo EP, on which he wrote and performed all of the material. And did so in the comfort of his parents home. Using only his Laptop computer. At times using their baby grand piano. And a drum played by his friend. Also you can hear his parents dogs barking in the background on the intro to "Time to Make A Plan;Not Getting Younger " The record, entitled Wha Happen?, was released by Doghouse Records in January 2012. In March 2013 Travis released a much darker expression with Mt Utumno through Equal Vision Records. Kurt married Lauren Johnson-Travis September 14, 2013, who accompanied him on bass for his most recent tour. His first full length album and first solo headlining tour, featuring Hotel Books and So Much Light. Entitled which he wrote with the help of Zachary Garren ex-DGD and released through Blue Swan Records web link
Leisure Chief Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Soul Leisure Chief is a new-wave, musical powerhouse drawing influence from Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Soul, yet defying the confines of any one genre. Inventive compositions paired with the spirit of improvisation and jazz harmony distinguishes them as a noteworthy group of musicians bringing forth a refreshing sense of originality. Though the band is heavily instrumental-oriented, they also feature vibrant vocals, extending their sound to the reach of all types of music lovers. Based in central Florida, the band has quickly taken hold of the Orlando scene web link
Levi Jardim Music Alternative Rock My name is Levi Jardim and I am an Alternative Singer-Songwriter from Orlando, FL. Music is truly my escape; I could literally spend hours locked away in my bedroom writing songs. I like to write songs that truly connect with people. I believe music is the greatest form of communication and I want to share my story with the world. web link
Little Mookie and the half pints Blues , Jump Blue , West Coast Blues West Coast Blues Jazz Inflected Mayhem is What We Do Baby!!!!! web link
Mad Hadder Band Rock MHB or better known as Mad Hadder Band. A four piece rock band, covering todayís current rock and some very cool classics. web link
Matt Sams Band Blues Back in 2000, a bold new blues group based out of Cocoa took Brevard's live music scene by storm. Co-founded by celebrated guitar whiz, Matt Sams, The Syndicators became wildly popular throughout Central Florida. web link
Microwave Dave & The Nukes Roots ,Blues ,Blues By-Products Twenty years of performances in the U.S and Europe and six albums-with more on the way-have helped Microwave Dave & The Nukes establish a wide multinational audience. Venues vary from French soccer stadiums to Bike Week in Daytona Beach, from blues cruises on the Big Red Boat to neighborhood saloons, but the thousands of shows delivered by the band all reflect one core element: the heritage blues music enjoys as a lifter of spirits. As Microwave Dave puts it: "Blues is America's first-and still best-self-help program. web link
Midrange Rock We are a Rock Band from Clermont, Fl. web link
Mike Dugan web link
Mike Quick Trio web link
Moccasin Creek Outlaw Country , Rock "Outlaw Country Rock". This blend of hard hitting country with an agressive rock punch is Hank Williams Jr. meets AC/DC. In the modern age where music is all image and hype, it is nearly impossible to find a quality new artist that the whole world can relate to, one that possesses all the qualities necessary to be at the forefront of a new musical movement. Such is the case with Moccasin Creek....... web link
Night Verses Rock web link
Norma Jean Rock , Metal In 2010 Norma Jean released their fifth album Meridional, a resurgent and brilliant reminder of everything the band had pioneered, modeled and become known for during their ten plus years in aggressive and progressive music. Wild and strong, it would have been a fitting end to the band's career, and for a while it nearly was. web link
Omissions Metalcore Omissions is a melodic metalcore band from South Florida established in 2012. Having formed with the idea of creating original music that reflected their energetic performance and fresh approach to a modern metalcore style. web link
On To Omaha Alternative, Hard Rock Hard Rock band from Central Florida. web link
ONE WILD NITE Rock, Dance ONE WILD NITE is a high energy & good time band was started in 2011 with a common goal of bringing a national act performance to the central Florida local music scene. web link
Palm Trees & Power Lines Pop-Punk "I won't stop 'til I'm done. I won't rest 'til I've won..." sings Josh Cravey in "Good Things," a song off Palm Trees & Power Lines's new EP High Hopes. Words signifying that the band will not give up until they have reached their dreams. The Pop/Punk band from Jacksonville, Florida has recently released a new 5-song EP titled High Hopes, that came out on November 19th, 2013. After recording with Paul Lapinski (Alicia Keys, Ludacris, J Dash, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Yellowcard) they are continuing to work on writing music and performing shows as an unlabeled band in hopes of getting signed and touring big. web link
Paul Stott Group Blues The Paul Stott Group blends blues and rock with gutsy harmonica, emotionally charged guitar, soulful vocals and canyon cut grooves. web link
Pitbull of Blues Blues Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand is an electrifying master of his guitar. He allows the guitar to come alive and speak to his audience. Josh shows just how a guitar wants to be played with his energized soulful rendition of the blues. web link
Pitbull of Blues Blues The Pitbull of Blues Band is more than just a generic blues band.As a Florida based band of family and friends, "The Pitbull of Blues Band" enjoys sharing their own breed of Blues with others. Josh "The Pitbull of Blues" Rowand is the Guitar Slinger and Lead Vocalist. He is an accomplished slide guitarist, harmonica player, singer and songwriter. Deny Rowand is the bass player and backup vocalist. He has been playing since the great Beatles Scare of 1964 and adds a solid Old School approach to their music. The guy that keeps the swing in the whole damn thing is Richie Corricelli. Richie brings a bit of attitude to the blues, whether it’s a shuffle, a swing or a very traditional "flat tire" groove. With over 15 years of playing together in various forms, "The Pitbull of Blues Band" is locked up tight as a trio. web link
Popa Chubby American Electric Blues web link
Psycho Magnets Hard Rock Psycho Magnets are a Driven, High energy Band based out of Daytona Beach Florida. The band was conceived well over 14 years ago and has not stopped Rocking since. Originally starting as a cover band, Psycho Magnets quickly changed direction to focus on original material as well as covers. With that change, the band instantly built a following that have stayed true to this day. The Psycho’s began receiving many local awards such as winning Central Florida's "Battle of the Bands" and being voted "Best Band" by T.E.M. magazine as well as features in many local magazines. This climb in popularity meant bigger venues and bigger shows. web link
Rebel Son Honky Tonk , Rockabilly Rebel Son is an original honky tonk rockabilly band based out of Raleigh, NC. Consisting of guitarist/singer/songwriter Lee Johnson, bassist Dave Schneider & drummer Ron Kirk, Rebel Son delivers an intense set of finely crafted original songs. Their music, in addition to their display of Southern heritage, is, in reality, defining & expressing the thoughts, feelings & occasional unlawful actions & behaviors of "everyday" people living in an "everyday" world. Not for the faint-of-heart, Rebel Son will electrify you with a high octane journey as they proclaim their blue-collar doctrine proudly without the regards of sensitivity, or alienating the easily offended. To put it simply, they're a foul-mouthed redneck rock band that just doesn't give a shit. So, if you think you've heard it all before, you haven't heard anything like this. web link
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Rock , punk It all started with two brothers and two acoustic guitars. This is the TRUE story, strap yourself in, it's quite a ride. web link
RJ Harman & Company Blues, Funk, Jazz, RJ Harman and Company is a rockin' blues band from Orlando Florida. If you're craving Hip-shakin', Toe-tappin', blues jams, look no further. This harmonica driven band has toured all over the United States, played with many national touring acts and hold numerous titles from the International Blues Challange. This group thrives on their youthful energy, funky grooves, and dedication to their craft. Don't let their youth fool you, however, these guys can hold their own with even the most veteran blues musicians. Check their tour dates for the next time they're playing near your; it's a guarenteed good time web link
Rollin' Heavy Heavy Metal Hard Rock / Heavy Metal web link
RonJohn Band Classic Rock, Blues, Country and Alternative Ron Grocoff (Guitars, Vocals) and John Zerrip (Electric Violin) playing Classic Rock, Blues, Country and Alternative Tunes...from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues & Allman Brothers to Johnny Cash, Elton John, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Bruce Springsteen web link
Rookie of the Year Acoustic, Rock , Pop Rookie of the Year's newest record The Goodnight Moon Part II is now on ---> iTunes, Spotify, Xbox Music, Deezer, iheartradio, amazon music, emusic, simfy, Juke, Wimp, Google Plus. Help Support Rookie of the Year and pick up the album or a song or two! Spotify you can listen to it all day! Spread the Word! web link
ROXX Hard Rock High Energy, driving, In your face 80s / 90s Party rock and roll covers that gets your motor pumping, head banging, drinks flowing and girls dancing! DONE! ROXX, born in Casselberry, Fla., founded by Mikie Starr, plays out regularly on the Central Florida Circuit. Clubs include Roadside Tavern, Bombshells Tavern, Sharkeys Lounge, Franks Ormand By the Sea, Just One More, Muldoons, Parrot Bay, Docksiders...and the list goes on! Three piece Orlando based party rock 80-90s Cover band. Jeff Coda, Lead guitar / vocals. Patrick McCahan, drums / vocals. Mikie Starr, Bass / Lead vocals. Sound engineering provided by "Fischer Audio." web link
RUSTY LUNG High Energy Rock RUSTY LUNG is a high energy rock band playing hit songs from the 90\'s to today. Located in Central Florida. web link
Saving Abel Southern Rock Since 2008 Saving Abel has embodied the definition of “Southern Rock.” Even before their “Self Titled” debut LP, they were barnstorming the country making fans everywhere they went, just by being themselves. Simple, down home, charming, country-boys with immeasurable talent that was destined to take them straight to the top. The band was signed by A&R wizard Jason Flom to Capitol records and their first single, “Addicted” did just that, reaching number one on several charts and the follow-up singles “18 Days” and “Drowning” helped sell over 750,000 copies of their debut album. They toured heavily in support of this album, playing with Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold, and later on Nickelback, in arenas across North America. Night after night, the boys would go back to the bus with their ears ringing from 15,000 fans screaming their lyrics web link
SayWeCanFly Acoustic SayWeCanFly is a one man acoustic act from Ontario, Canada. Frontman Braden Barrie has devoted his teenage years to playing shows across Canada and the US, building his following and writing relatable music for his fan base. Growing up in a small town and feeling a sense of abandonment, he shows listeners that no matter what struggles we face, we always have the power to make it through. Braden writes lyrics based around the belief that the world is lacking a connection between humans on an emotional level, and wants to re-establish that bond through his art. "I want everyone to know that no matter what you are going through, someone on this earth understands.. web link
Selwyn Birchwood Blues Selwyn Birchwood is an American blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from Tampa, Florida. He was the winner of the Blues Foundation’s 2013 International Blues Challenge, as well the winner of the Albert King Guitarist of the Year award, presented at the same event web link
Severed By Faith Metalcore, Hardcore Severed By Faith is a metalcore/melodic hardcore band out of Central Florida. Formed in early 2012 SBF set out on their journey to deliver their passion for music to the masses. While not considered a religious band, the name Severed By Faith plays to the idea that the majority of people are separated by their beliefs and religion and allow these beliefs to get in the way of logical thinking. web link
Shakedown Classic Rock, Dance, Brass, Blues, Funk, Disco, Reggae web link
Shoot To Thrill Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Tribute Shoot to Thrill is a female tribute to AC/DC. Not only are the girls professional musicians with impeccable skills, they are also quite easy on the eyes and full of energy for an entertaining stage show! The girls decided on AC/DC in particular according to rhythm guitarist Wendy because “it’s a marriage of compelling music and creative story-telling. The guitar work is intricate yet not overplayed, while the rhythms are driving and dynamic. The silence is as important as the noise and the lyrics are relatable and captivating. web link
Sinister Orlando Rock Hunter Hailey, John Foscolos, Jimmy Ioime, Scott Heath, are Sinister. Journey . !! WE CAN BRING IT !! web link
Skin Deep Rock The band has always had a reputation of a party dance band, but this recent version has become the best vocal band in the area. Skin Deep prides itself on their 3,4 and 5 part harmonies they execute during some of their very tough repertoire. Not to mention, Skin Deep has three guys in the band that could lead sing for most bands in the area. web link
Soulfly Metal Max Cavalera is the walking embodiment of creative energy, of all of the diverse layers of urgency that are possible from that select few whose artistic output defines genres. Mystic shaman, protest singer, revolutionary hero, everyday metalhead, furious consumer of heavy music of all shades, husband, father, leader, songwriter… Cavalera reigns as the adoptive tribal chief of a generation of fans, stretching from the roughest slums of South America to the coldest confines of Russia. Anywhere that people are disenfranchised, the songs of SOULFLY serve as their anthems. web link
SPEED LIMIT 70 Classic Rock, Old-school Dance, and Groovy funk SPEED LIMIT 70 is a six-piece, dynamic and fun cover band, performing classic rock, old-school dance, and groovy funk hits you know and love. From AC/DC to Aerosmith, Journey to Billy Joel, Styx to the Stones, KC to ZZ Top, REO Speedwagon to Rod Stewart and more - SL70 has it covered. web link
STRUT 80's Rock “STRUT is a high energy band dedicated to the music of the 80's web link
Suffokate Deathmetal / Hardcore The band's raw death metal style uses growled vocals with a downtuned guitar sound, fast and complex guitar riffs and drumming, and a sophisticated sense of songwriting. web link
Summer of 69 Rock Tribute to Bryan Adams web link
Swamp Possum eclectic mix of bluegrass, blues, rock classics, with a few good ol’ swamp blues SWAMP POSSUM! is a string band straight out of the swamps of middle Florida, playing an eclectic mix of bluegrass, blues, rock classics, with a few good ol’ swamp blues sprinkled in there for good measure. And sometimes, when the moon is right, we might just play a little of that new “rock and roll” stuff that the youngins’ are all crazy about! web link
Swingin Harpoon Blues Raw Swingin Harmonica... ''No Other Band Like This in the Southeast U.S. ''! Cab Calloway meets Muddy Waters! Harmonica Driven raw swingin blues... web link
Tears of a Tyrant Classic Rock with Groove Tears of a Tyrant is a dual female/male vocal band with a lot of groove, and a classic rock feel. Visit our website at www.ddart86.wix.com/tears-of-a-tyrant for links to our videos, reviews we have had, as well as more information about the band. Based out of Orlando for only 9 months, Tears of a Tyrant have played at 2 different Battle of the Bands, both of which they placed in. They\'ve played at Franks Place, Hagan O\'Reillys, The Haven, The Peacock Room, Castle Knights, Holly and Dollys, and The West End Trading Company. Stayed tuned for a music festival coming up soon! web link
The Cadillac Kings Rockabilly The Cadillac Kings cruise onto the scene with a raucous & rockin' blend of Rockabilly & Blues done in an authentic style. web link
The Cheap Thrills Band Rock The Cheap Thrills Band has been performing in the New Smyrna Beach Fl area for over 20 years. The band plays a wide variety of party Rock which includes covers from Crowded House, John Mayer, Los Lonely Boys, CCR, Nickleback,Buck Cherry, Wild Cherry and Michael Jackson to name a few.The band motto is, "When the Band drinks everybody drinks!" web link
The Dewey Rose Band Country, Pop, Funk, Disco, Rock, & Blues “The Dewey Rose Band” is comprised of a group of professional seasoned musicians who believe their mission is to provide you with the ultimate musical group for your venue or special event. Dewey Rose brings a cultivation of professional talents, mix of music genres, and a power house singer, combined with the knowledge and wisdom of performance to provide you with the music to please everyone young and old. web link
The Honeyslides Soul, Funk, Rock Southern-fried funk, blue-eyed soul and scorching slide guitar. web link
The Living Deads Rockabilly Hillbilly Hellcats Drummer! Jealous boyfriend!! Guns!!! Stolen truck! Plane ticket! New Bass player! The Living Deads take Do-It-Yourself to a new level. From living full time in their RV, designing and printing their own t-shirts, to booking their own tours, this band takes it all upon themselves and they are still ready for more……… With Randee McKnight on drums/vocals and Symphony Tidwell on upright bass/vocals, they have made a name for themselves across the U.S. and Canada by “Kidnapping” various guitar players after their guitar player quit on them at 3 am as they were leaving town for their tour. This rockabilly duo set out to turn the tables on the traditional way things are done in a band. Normally, it is the guitar player/singer who makes the calls. The Living Deads would rather throw a burlap sack over the head of tradition and start making demands. They have kidnapped Danny B. Harvey, of The Head Cat; Chuck Hughes, of The Hillbilly Hellcats; James Hunnicutt, of the Revolvers; Hank Hays and many more. There is no telling who they will have next in their burlap sack, so don’t even think about missing a show when they come to your town! web link
The Pendletones Rock The Pendletones are a three piece classic rock band but not afraid to throw in some classic country and power country. The band formed just as the economy took a dump and have been gigging steady up to the present hour! The Pendletones are: Patrick Pendleton on guitar and lead vocals, Doug de Leon on the bass and back up vocals and Kenny Grover keeping the tempo on drums while throwing in some back up vocals. web link
The Reactions Blues web link
The Revolutioners Rock , top 40 The Revolutioners specialize in one thing: rock n' roll. Featuring heavy riffs paired with catchy pop hooks, the band appeals to hard rockers and Top 40 fans alike. With roots that lead from The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to Stone Temple Pilots and Audioslave, The Revolutioners always deliver a high-energy rock show that gets people moving. web link
Three Forks Road Blues The Hottest Blues Rock Band in Orlando! web link
Three Killer Buds Band Heavy Rock Three"Killer" Buds Playing "Killer" High Energy Rock N Roll ! We are a 3 piece rock band, with emphasis on original music, yet can also perform covers, many of which we make our into our own. web link
Tommy Boys Rock The genesis of The Tommy Boys began with three friends who shared a love for 90's rock. Founding members Rob (bass/vocals), Ryan (guitar/vocals), and Doug (drums) initially started jamming as a way to stay connected to their musical roots, covering a wide range of rock from the Grunge movement to pop-punk to alternative rock. After a few gigs, they added second guitarist Garth who also shared a love for evertying 90's. The band name is a tribute to an actor and movie that in many ways is synonymous with the 90's. web link
ToyBox Modern , Classic Rock ToyBox was formed in the fall of 2011, born from the ashes of four of Daytona's top cover bands. Since then the band has become an area favorite, and built a solid reputation among the local clubs. Featuring some of the most talented and popular players in the area, ToyBox plays classic and modern rock favorites. web link
Uncle Willie Southern Rock , Classic Rock The best in Southern & Classic rock! Dan Merchant - lead guitarist /vocals, Rich Hermanger -guitar/vocals, Elron Scott - bass / vocals and Bob Hall – drums. web link
Vince Rayburn and Hired Gunz band Rock Vince Rayburn is a Florida musician born in Los Angeles and raised in Bakersfield, Ca. Vince played with Various Rock bands throughout the 80’s and fell in love with classic country after moving to the south. Vince is currently based in Daytona Beach and is an event favorite with his band “Hired Gunz” featuring members who’ve played with Molly Hatchet and the Allman Brothers web link
Wage War Metalcore \mXm/ web link