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Featured Artist

We are proud to feature Ron Feldman as the featured artist. For over 45 years Ron has touched the lives of so many within the music industry as a vocal coach, artist, songwriter, musician, inspiration and friend. Feldman moved to Orlando in the early 1970s and played at the nascent Walt Disney World as the keyboardist for a group called "Nick Russo & Gabriel's Brass” before working as a vocal coach and band manager. Ron had an estimated 1,000 or more students including Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown and Jani Lane of Warrant. Included is footage from Ron’s birthday party held at Victorio's Oyster Bar & Grille in Longwood, which included over 250 of his friends and students.

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Road Crew Videos

Check out out on the scene video footage documenting the live music shows in the Central Florida area. We go out to live music venues and document the live music scene through video interviews with live music fans, venue owners and of course the bands themselves.

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Show Dates

You don't ever need to miss another show. You can find shows from various genres including Rock'n'Roll and Blues. Big shows, small shows and benefits, we have listings for them all. Let this be your source for live music show dates. Mobile version coming this week. Support Live Music Central Florida!

Venue Listing

Venue Listing

Need a place to go? Want to know what venues support live music? This is the place to find it. Look for who offers specials, jam nights, lady's night, audition nights, etc. Support the venues that bring you live music!

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Band Listing

Looking for a particular band? Want to now more about a band? This is the place to find them. Central Florida is blessed with so many talented musicians. Get access to their social media links, visit their website, and support the men and women who bring live music to our ears!

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Check out GIG DIGEST's guest blogger Sean Shannon presenting an article from his "The Mixing Workshop" series. Article Title: "Tips For Mixing Vocals" Here is an excerpt from his article "The vocal is arguably the most important element of a mix. The ear focuses on the vocals, and the girls listen to the lyrics. Once the vocals are recorded and ready, how can you maximize their emotional impact?". read more

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Supportive Links

This is an opportunity to find more reosurces supporting live music. Find Facebook links, advertise your business, find music services in your area or take a lesson. Find out who else is supporting live music. The possibilities are limitless. Let us know if you know about a link that we should post and we will be happy to do so.

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What happens at a live music show may end up here in our photo gallery. View images as GIG DIGEST goes out on the town. Look at all of the musicians and fans enjoying themselves at some of the best venues supporting live music. There may be a picture of you.



Want to get some information to us? Send us your show dates, venue information, band bio, classified ad or just make a comment or suggestion. Thanks for the support Central Florida! Let's keep giving the musicians, bands and venues the recognition they deserve!

Special thanks to Trent Ackerman, Bryan Clark, Michael Swank, Kevin Rian, Karen Brown, John Anderson, Logan Hursh, Sean Shannon, Nino Fontana, Gino Fontana, Jason Ackerman, Joe Hilerio, Jason Melissinos, Beaver Felton, Don Bernard, Dave LaRue, Michael Amico and all of the bands and venues that provided show dates and words of encouragement! Keep supporting live music Central Florida!